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amazing thought [Sep. 25th, 2005|09:37 pm]
I highly doubt any of you would know what I'm talking about if I jumped right in, so I'll start with a brief explanation...

Sony and a bunch of other companies are hard at work trying to create ways to prevent people from obtaining pirated files, particularly movies and music files. This includes downloading mp3's -- afterall, mp3's come from people ripping their CDs and distributing them online.

Just recently Coldplay released a new album from Sony and found out their music was made on CDs that can not be ripped (aka, you can't make mp3s from them). In response to Sony's sneaeky tactic, Coldplay made sure every song on their album is a downloadable mp3 on their website.

Here's where my idea kicks in. When an artist releases a new album, especially on these new anti-piracy CDs, they ought to put their songs on their website too. However, the songs on the website should be of extremely low quality. In doing so, everybody can get a feel for the music, and when they decide it's a good buy, they can get the CD and enjoy full-quality music. It's genious!
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not cool [Sep. 23rd, 2005|11:17 pm]
ok, so I just found out the greatest band ever (Reel Big Fish) just finished their new music video -- that's fricken awesome! The only problem is if it ever makes it on to Mtv, then everybody is gonna start liking them, and then the whole genuinity of liking them will be gone. This blows... >
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(no subject) [Sep. 23rd, 2005|10:39 pm]
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Wow, it's been over a month since I last updated, and I can't really say much about the last entry lol

Nothing much has been going on. First off, the mosquitoes are fricken deadly over here. Not literally "deadly", but they're everywhere. You can't spend more than 5 seconds outside past 7PM without getting bit a few times.

I found myself a pretty decent girl here. The sad part is she openly admitted to be interested in a few guys (including myself); what a turn-off... don't think I'll be asking her out any time soon.

Hurricane Rita... what a waste of time. At first it was supposed to go head-on with my town, Rockport, but it decided to shift north into Galveston and Louisiana a few hours AFTER we evacuate. Sure, I'm happy it didn't hit us, but wtf? Now I gotta unpack after 1 day of being away =( lol

My new puppy is a chick magnet. Seriously. We were at Walmart earlier, and since we couldn't bring animals inside, I had to wait with him (Rascal) while everybody else went to the bathroom. While waiting, if people didn't stop by us to pet him, those who were entering Walmart would literally stop in their places and start awe-ing us. After a while it got kinda old, though. I even wanted to slap one of them because they wouldn't walk away.

Bitch-ass West Point rantCollapse )

That's about it, really... just wanted everyone to know I was safe and felt like complaining for a bit. Caio =)
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slightly amusing [Aug. 15th, 2005|02:57 pm]
ok, I understand that as I guy, I am easily entertained, but this tops the cake.

I had finished typing up a comment for someone and was ready to post it. I clicked the button to send it but released it off the button (my mouse was still moving). Anyway, I noticed that the input box moved! So I held the mouse button down over the button again (without lifting my finger) and ran the mouse back and forth repeatedly when I realized that the input box was expanding!

For some odd reason, I found that really entertaining for a few moments. Then, when all was said and done, I kinda sat there wondering why I wasted my time lol. But yeah, try it. I know it works in Firefox; I dunno about the other browsers (Opera, Internet Explorer, etc.)
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quite possibly the longest entry I've ever written [Jul. 28th, 2005|03:24 pm]
Hey guys. First, here's the story about what took so long to get to Texas. The truck my mom brought up from TX was packed up, and we were ready to go. It was unbalanced, so we went home. The next morning we repacked it and packed it a third time since the second wasn't balanced, either. After the third pack, we left... and got stuck a little past Lakehurst. Something happened to the engine/rod. So we get towed back home, and the truck is taken to Lakewood. After a good week or so, my mom got tired of just sitting around the house waiting, so she rented a Budget truck. We took it to Lakewood, packed everything, and since there was plenty of room left, we went back to the house and packed a little more. We hop in, turn the key, and the "Repair brakes" warning light comes on. We didn't want to take a chance, so we called Budget and got a mechanic to arrive the next day... so we called Budget again. They said they'd replace the truck for us and send movers to help, too. Well, the movers arrived the next day, but instead of getting a truck, a tow truck came to take ours away while it was fully loaded. So once again, another day was wasted. NOTE: around this time, a hurricane was nearing Rockport and the town had to be evacuated. Anyway, the following day, we picked the truck up ourselves, got the loaders to come back, and left that night. Everything was fine from that point forth. On a side note, the customer service rep. from Budget is from Rockport (the place I'm living now). How coincidental is that?

We got here Sunday night at 10 (11 at night in Jersey) and spent the night at my uncles. The following few days up until now have been spent unpacking, putting things away, laying tiles, grouting tiles (filling the spaces in between), and cleaning. I have to admit that it's coming out pretty nicely. The living room, kitchen and both my mom and Kristin's room are all light pink, and the tiles in the living room/kitchen are "Texas beige". Unfortunately, though, the bedrooms will have to wait a while until we can do something with the floors. btw, we found a real scorpion in the kitchen. That's freaky shit, man; I'm all paranoid now to walk around the house now.

I had my first band practice last night. It was weird... being a senior and not knowing anybody. Well, I knew some people from myspace, but even so, I never met them in person... until last night, of course. They were all different than I expected -- Seema is shorter, Kathleen isn't as chunky as her pictures showed (actually, she's pretty slim), and Ashley is actually cuter in person. The other sousa player, Eric, is pretty cool. He's pretty easy to talk to. I also met this one girl, Eunice. She's cool, too... she's just really silly and giggly. There's this other guy in the percs, Garret. He's not so bad.

As for actual practice, we're playing jazz/swing music. All I know is one of the songs is called Moonglow and that we're playing a Count Bassie piece.

This band is reeeaally competitive. Last year, they won the championship for their division for the first time in the school's history; this year they want to go on to All-State championships if possible. There's more detail to that, but what can I say? I'm lazy =)

After practice, my mom took Kristin and me to Subway. It was there when I realized I left my music on the stand. OOPS! haha Anyway, since it was so late at night, there were only two people working. One of them, Amber, was checking me out soo much. I thought it was cute/hilarious. Kristin noticed, too. The second person working comes from Worcester, Massachusetts -- that's my old hometown before I came to New Jersey. So she and my mom were talking for a good 10-20 minutes about that while our food was still being made. I can only imagine how cold Kristin's meatball marinara hoagie was getting. While they were talking, the three of us (Amber, Kristin, and myself) just sat around kinda staring into space, making some small talk here and there.

Afterwards, I came home and hooked up the TV and Xbox. I was so upset when I realized the free Halo 2 maps come out August 20 and not sooner =( Speaking of Halo 2, I found a copy of the Collector's edition on sale for $45. If anyone wants it, mail me the cash, and I'll buy the game and send it to ya. So yeah... I played until, like, 3 in the morning.

I woke up, played some more, finished checking my mail from weeks ago, ate breakfast, and finished grouting up until now. And in an hour, it's back to practice I go. Who knows, maybe I'll go to Subway and see Amber again ;) heheh
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in case ya didn't hear [Jul. 14th, 2005|05:20 pm]
Hey Guys. Guess what? Still in Jersey =( mhm It sucks. Not that I'm in Jersey still, no, but because I have no form of social interaction with anybody. Cable is out (that means no internet either), the house phone is turned off, I'm blocked out of my cell phone, and... AHH! it sucks. Plus the truck is broken, so I'm still stuck here in Jersey. If it is fixed by Monday, we're taking it; otherwise, we'll be forced to rent a U*Haul or something (+$3000) and arrive by Wednesday/Thursday. ::sigh:: I wanna say "it happens" but... er... it DOESN'T. If ya read my myspace, you can read the full story on the bulletins. For now, tho, you're stuck with this until I can copy/paste -- I'm at the library right now and all forms of [useful] basic computer functions are disabled.

Well... that's about it for now. Caio.
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it's finally in the stone [Jul. 2nd, 2005|11:27 am]
Ok folks. I know officially now when I will be leaving. My mom is leaving TX on Tuesday and plans to be here Wednesday-ish. We're sticking around until Monday, and that's it. So now I have one week left to go. lol

Yeah, I know, I keep saying otherwise, but this time my mom is finally finished with the house and whatnot. Had this not been the 4th of July weekend, she would've left some time today or tomorrow. Apparently the traffic is gonna suck, so... yeah. Traffic sucks.

At least this week I can finally get out of the house. I got my bike repaired (FINALLY!), so I'm back on the roads. Except on a bike. hah! It's gonna be great; I <3 riding my bike. Lemme tell ya, my legs are gonna be sooo sexy. All the ladies here on LJ, yeah, you're gonna want me. lol

Ya know what? LJ needs to establish a system of emoticons/smileys. doing this: =) and =( gets annoying after a while, ya know? And they add more flavor, too. Or maybe I'm just a happy person and should be shot? nah

PS - Shop Rite's white american cheese owns you. And your little dog, too!
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c-o-r-n-y [Jul. 1st, 2005|07:42 pm]
Q: What does it mean when you see a Yankee with Red Sox?
A: He must have spilled his fruit punch.

it was clever, but STUPID

I just found out that the College Board released our June SAT scores online on the 20th. Not like I can view them. Apparently I can't access my accounts. Yes, accounts. As in a while ago I couldn't access the first one, so I made another; now I can't access either. So now I have to wait until I get to Texas in order to see them. That means in another week or more!
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this sucks [Jul. 1st, 2005|01:41 pm]
Ok, according to the original plan, I would be leaving for Texas today. Guess what? My mom has chosen to work on tiles in the house rather than pick me up first. So she'll be leaving either tomorrow or the day after. On top of that, it'll take even longer since the truck doesn't go as quickly as the jeep, so... yeah. I have 4 more days left to go, assuming everything works as planned.
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you asked for it, and here it is [Jun. 30th, 2005|06:06 pm]
Ok, well, here's her reply:

yeahh sorry..ima bulletin whore sometimes..but i dont care if everyone reads them or not you dont have to..i just like doing it but dont read it if u dont want to no biggie to me

I don't think she gets it... screw it. I don't talk to her anyway. She's off my buddy list.
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